What if...
things could talk to each other?

If objects, like humans, communicate autonomously with each other and their users then this opens up a whole new world of opportunities. And that is exactly how the Internet of Things is making our offices and buildings a lot smarter. And more efficient.

Would you like to look inside this world of change? Orange presents ‘Thing Talk’: the social network for things. Find out what the office plant has to say. When the water cooler speaks its mind. And what the office chair whispers...

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At Orange we help build the IoT

At Orange we want to make the IoT truly tangible. That’s why we set up a social network where objects actually communicate with each other. Take a look behind the scenes of ‘Thing Talk’.

Top 5 trending topics on Thing Talk

Plants with a voice

Talking to a plant to make it grow? That’s a fairy tale. But listen... The ‘Watermelon Peperomia’ has plenty to say.

Never run out of water again

Out of water at work? That’s almost as bad as a broken coffee machine. But we’ve come up with a solution... This water boiler speaks!

Don’t take it sitting down

Been in your chair for too long? That’s a bad idea all around. This smart office chair springs into action when your bum is glued to your seat!

The smart parking solution

More employees than you have parking spaces available? Take the clever approach. A sensor and a parking app will guide you to a free slot.

Not a speck of dust in sight

Brainstorming for hours on end? Fresh air fosters fresh ideas... A breeze for the sensors in this conference room.

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